Without a doubt, sustainability is more than a buzzword that only recently gained mainstream popularity. Sustainability is our responsibility and seems to be the only way to maintain a livable planet for our future generations, along with the societal benefits that we receive.

Sustainability is a gamechanger for the core principles of how we do business, shifting the focus away from maximizing profit toward how our businesses impact the environment, community and society at large. New regulations make it obligatory for businesses to consider a wide range of environmental, economic and social factors when making business decisions, which ensures short-term profits do not turn into long-term liabilities.

But what does “sustainability” mean for the insurance industry specifically?

What does it mean for an industry that was created to help communities transfer their risks?

What is it that our customers, employees, or even investors are expecting from us?

We aim to find out by bringing insurance innovators and subject matter experts together to:

  1. Identify the biggest industry challenges
  2. Find solution ideas to overcome these challenges
  3. Co-create a concrete solution concept and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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